From the very beginning of the process, durability plays a key role in the development of a new product. Before going into production, all components undergo intensive endurance testing in which we test, under realistic conditions, how they will behave throughout the lifetime of the product. At the JURA Campus, our technology, innovation and quality centre, we have 102 fully automated testing stations.

We maximise the life cycle of a product through a combination of high-quality materials, precision manufacturing and attention to detail. To ensure that every product meets our high quality standards, we regularly carry out stringent quality and endurance tests on appliance from series production.

Durable products have a look and feel that outlasts short-lived trends. With clean lines and no frills, we aim for timeless design that still looks fresh and unused after many years.

The right care protects the components and extends the product's service life. Without deposits such as limescale building up, our products also retain their high energy efficiency. All our coffee machines have built-in maintenance programmes that allow the user to look after them at the touch of a button. We also offer a range of JURA maintenance products that are specifically formulated for these programmes and the materials used in our machines.

A study carried out in 2021 by Dutch consumer organisation Consumentenbond found that JURA coffee machines last 50% longer than average.

We are thus making a contribution to achieving SDG 12

SDG sustainable production patterns Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Go to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development