The pace of life is picking up and domestic appliances of all types and colours are enjoying great popularity, but in February 1953 JURA suffers a sudden setback. A blaze that eyewitnesses will still remember half a century later razes the manufacturing and office building completely to the ground. But as the smoke rises from the ruins, company founder Henzirohs and his staff decide to rebuild immediately. The solidarity is overwhelming. The entire workforce works hard to revive the region’s key employer like a phoenix from the ashes.

A few months later, the production facilities are successfully up and running again. In 1955, a technical revolution is ready for volume production. JURA proudly presents continental Europe’s first steam iron. The innovation sells rapidly. JURA consequently becomes synonymous with ironing. Although the product is immensely popular and presented at international trade fairs, JURA primarily concentrates on the domestic market. The owner says ‘We produce for Switzerland, and can always export surplus stock’. 

JURA Rekord – the most versatile and advanced food processor for the modern household.

The first steam and dry regulator iron in continental Europe is a smash hit and makes the name JURA synonymous with irons.

Further improvement – especially as regards design – for a classic appliance.

Two plates are no longer enough: launch of JURA’s three-plate hob.

The modern fridge: fully automatic with no motor and radio interference suppression.

A classic from JURA: the first pretzel iron made of cast iron.