People are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability. Waste is uncool. With durable, high-quality automatic coffee machines and speciality coffees that are "freshly ground, not capsuled", JURA not only offers maximum taste but also responds to the zeitgeist.

In spring 2020, the pandemic brings the world to its knees. Lockdowns and working from home are suddenly the order of business. Life changes. Travelling and holidays are out of the question. Instead, the world sits at home… and drinks coffee. And preferably from the automatic speciality coffee machines from JURA. Thanks to JURA LIVE, customers can consult directly with our experts online, despite the shops being closed.

As normality creeps back and people return to their workplaces, with its Professional range JURA offers the right automatic speciality coffee machines for safe coffee breaks in small groups.

A world first: the Z10 doubles the enjoyment of coffee, preparing both hot and cold brew specialities at the touch of a button.

Pure coffee: the full-size coffee machine E4 for those who just want espresso and coffee.

The most successfully automatic speciality coffee machine in JURA's history gets even better: the new E8 is here.